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Your Best Helper to Manage Media Files
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Catch Media Files

Manage YouTube Videos Easily

CO VIDEO (Coolocto Video) makes it easy to manage YouTube videos. Simply save the links of all your favorite videos and edit your own catchy titles or notes. Then, you can find your online videos fasterand watch videos directly on Coolocto Video.

Categorize Media Files

Less Time on Categorizing, More Time on Creating

Categorize video files with ease by self-defined marks for different use cases, such as personal, work, study, or sharing. Enjoy the convenience of fast viewing them by contexts.

Categorize Media Files

Cross-Platform Management

Edit the metadata of audio/video files with CO VIDEO (Coolocto Video), and it shows on mobile, computer, and NAS simultaneously.

Create Your Masterpieces

Make Room for More Ideas

With CO VIDEO (Coolocto Video), you can expand capacity by exporting and importing files to Google Drive with just one click. Or, you can add storage space by connecting to NAS, and manage media files on NAS in a handy way.

Create Your Masterpieces

Connect Ideas Anytime, Anywhere

With CO VIDEO (Coolocto Video), you can connect to 6 QNAP NAS devices at the same time, bringing together all your audio/ video files and online video links, to easily connect ideas on the go through mobile phones.

Get a second brain to help create masterpieces!

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